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Mitsuki's story Third part.

She was tired and overworked. She took several weeks engrossed in their studies and their projects, besides working as a teacher at a school in the afternoons and evenings still working. What was intended with such exertion?
No money was missing, since his family was well off, so working was not vital, in terms of the studies she was sufficiently able to make rather little and get a lot. So, why all that burden, all that stress? All she wanted was to stay busy; to have always something in mind, to be distracted for her mind not to go to ... Toshiro. That incident after almost over a month was still making her feel uneasy. Every time she thought of him, she became so irritated.
Why the hell she could not forget the great asshole that? The answer was obvious: she loved him. The funny part is that she could not hate him, neither he nor the woman for whom he left her. It was not in her nature to hate; Mitsuki had never hated anyone and never would. She wanted, she really wanted to dump his anger on him, he had destroyed her, he had shattered her heart, but it was impossible for her to hate him, which was even more frustrating. To make matters worse, Mitsuki was lonely, her parents had gone abroad on business and wouldn’t soon return; among her friends, since Ryoko had a boyfriend she didn’t hang out with her so much, but Mitsuki was glad that her friend was happy, and Shizu was all the day with a band that she had and was always rehearsing. Despite her open character, Mitsuki not used to have many friends, so she always depended on his parents or her two best friends and now they weren’t there and she did not have anyone to be with.

That night, trying to escape a little of all the feelings that overwhelm her again and become distracted from all the work, she decided to go for a walk. She knew exactly where she wanted to go. She removed her glasses, went to the bathroom to clear the face, grabbed the iPod and left the house. She hadn’t went for a walk at night for since long ago, even though she loved to walk the streets without being crowded, humming songs without thinking of nothing but the harmony of the tune that was being played. It was 11 on a Wednesday so there weren’t many people roaming the streets. She liked the atmosphere that was rather quiet and although it was cold and it was in early January, it felt good. In one of the streets turned to the right and she went down on a slope. It was a special place, where she liked to go to relax. Her grandfather, God rest his soul, went with her to that place when she was a child, they played, they eat snacks and the old man tell her stories about fantasy worlds that Mitsuki, then, was passionate about. When she arrived she sat on the bench that faced the pond. It was rare that there was a pond in the middle of a city, but that she liked it. In addition, few people knew it, so the place was very quiet. She brought up many happy memories. Every time she went to that place she felt like her grandfather gave her strength, like taking care of her.
She closed her eyes and tried to remember some happy moments of his life, moments that would make her draw a smile on her lips. The music she was listening helped this "exercise". She finished laughing alone in the middle of that paradise. She opened her eyes and being quiet and relaxed, letting the last laugh come out, she stood up ready to go home. After making few steps she peered at a couple walking toward her. At first she could see the faces of the couple because it was too dark and there was no lantern to illuminate the narrow path. But when they were close enough to see their faces, the expression of Mitsuki changed. To her surprise that who was in front of her were to Toshiro and Nanako. Mitsuki's legs paralyzed, as she was attached to the ground unable to move, even though she wanted was to run away from there with all she had. In that moment, Toshiro looked up and saw her. The silence descended into the darkness of the night. Mitsuki was hallucinating, she could not believe "of all the world's great sites, why this?; this must be the karma, sure; I really do not wanted to step on that cockroach God, but they give me much disgust and you know, I promise not to do it and if I do, I swear I'll make a funeral worthy of a bug, "she thought," and on top, now I'm stuck to the floor, great! I’m having a wonderful day! "Snorted and tried to articulate a greeting to the people who were in front of her:

- H-hi, long time no see - she said making the best of their efforts.
- Mitsuki! Well, what are you doing here at this hour? "Toshiro said amazingly surprised.

Mitsuki only wanted to run; she did not wanted to see them holding hands, she did not wanted to see how happy they were. She wanted to yell at him and put it to the nines in her, but she was not that kind of person, so she breathed deeply, trying to get stronger, and drawing a big smile on his face said with a cheerful and casual tone:

- I’m here to relax myself a bit. I've been very busy these days with projects and stuff, I haven’t had time to go for a walk since quite long time, so since the weather was good tonight, I thought about going out for some fresh air and here I am. – She thought that she couldn’t keep it for more time, so she did her best to sneak - "Well, I see that you two are on a romantic walk and I will not bother, I leave you to continue with your things. Good night and it’s a pleasure to have seen you. Goodbye. – She gave them a wide smile and passed him, heading home.

She thought that the worst part was over until she felt like something gave her a tug and stopped her. She turned around and saw Toshiro taking her hand. Mitsuki's face was a poem. She did not know what was going on. Why he had followed her? What happened to his wife? Then Toshiro let go her hand. His face showed the same degree of astonishment as Mitsuki’s. Puzzled, the girl was about to ask what he was doing there, but Toshiro talked first:

- Sorry. I don’t know why I have done this... it was an impulsive act. - He said surprised about his act.

Mitsuki hesitated a few seconds to react and respond to what he said, but then she realized. It was she who had to put an end to everything. She was the one who had to stop torture of that poor guy who felt guilty about what he had done to her. So it was at that moment when she realized that she had to forget everything and start over again. She’ll left apart that case that was already in the past and begun a new life. Determined, she looked into the boy eyes and said:

- Toshiro, I was very happy all the time we spent together, but you were in love with her and it can’t be avoid. You've done nothing wrong, really, love is something we cannot suppress or avoid, and we just let it flow. I just hope you don’t forget that and that you have a good memory of your past as well as I will. I wish you the best. - gave him a look that convey all the feelings you can imagine, but it was enough.
She turned around again and walked away, but this time her way wasn’t uncertain. She had decided, she would stop torturing and regretting herself. She would wipe the slate clean and she would live happy again. When she had moved away enough to let the dark blur the figure of the boy she heard a cry: "Thank you." Mitsuki stopped, raised his arm in sign of having heard those words, but did not know even if Toshiro reach to see the gesture, and walked on.

The night had turned even colder, and began to rain a little. Among the sea of shadows and solitude that flooded the place, it was drowning the loneliness and sadness of a girl who swore to herself never to succumb to despair, while she raised her eyes to the sky shedding the last tear.

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Mitsuki's story second part.

She put on her coat, took the car keys and ran out the door of his flat. Mitsuki was again late for class. After the incident a couple of weeks ago, she could not sleep at night, hardly ate, she was apathetic, unwilling to speak, until she had missed class, which is very rare in Mitsuki because she loved his career and never missed a single class.
As she had left home so late it was much traffic. Mitsuki hated waiting, was quite impatient and if, moreover, added that she was very irritable lately, his mood was even worse.
- Damn it! "Because it always has to be me all the bullshit?" shouted hitting the steering wheel.
When she arrived to class the first hour was already over. When she entered in the class, everyone went out and she met his French teacher.

- Bonjour Mitsuki. "Today, you are late too? This is not normal for you. Have you had any problems lately?" the elderly professor asked.
- No, sir Duvoir.- she bowed her head in shame.
- Are you sure you're okay? You have not been having very good look for a couple of weeks, you should go to the doctor. - advised the kind man who cares for his students, after all, she was one of the best he had.
- I told you I'm fine! - Mitsuki cried in the middle of the classroom.

Mitsuk’s friends were still there waiting for her to end speaking with the teacher and go to say hello and they were totally amazed, like the old man, seeing the reaction of his student. Even Mitsuki was surprised. She looked at the teacher and stammered.
- I'm sorry sir Duvoir.- said apologetically and ran from the classroom.

Her friends came running after her. They catch up her as soon as she sat on a bench of the campus. They sat by her side. She was with her head bowed. Ryoko and Shizu, looked at her, not knowing what to do or say. Then Ryoko asked.

- Mitsu ... Are you okay?
Mr Duvoir is right, these days you have seem more dead than alive, you almost never come to class and when you come you are always absent.
- Ryoko, I just yell at my French teacher, so don’t scold me, please. - she said with an ironic tone Mitsuki,
looking at her friend out of the corner of one's eye.

- Mitsuki! Stop joking! You're not well. Since the wedding incident…- Shizu covered Ryoko’s mouth.
Mitsuki had a stream of emotions. That horrible day. She cursed that day with all her might. It was because of that that she was bad. She tried to recover, but his head and his heart didn’t allow her. That memory was chasing her everywhere she was.
She looked mad at her friends.
She jumped up
and blurted.

 - Leave me alone. It’s my problem not yours. If you are not able to not interfere in my business forget me. – she turned and left.

She walked toward the car, thinking why she had gone to school today. She knew she was late and yet she had run to get there. Nothing went right. Then she began to remember the damn day that changed her life, which broke her heart. She thought how ironic it was that one of the few times that Toshiro had invited her to dinner in a restaurant as elegant as that (those ones where seemed that you were going to lose your appetite as soon they show you the wine list) was to give the worst news of all. She was excited because she thought he had to say something important. The night before, when he called her to arrange the meet for the next day, she was very, very nervous, till the point that she spent all the night with millions of ideas of marriage on her head. She couldn’t sleep that night because she was so excited. Unfortunately for her, he would not propose, far from it. When the restaurant, Toshiro handed her a purple card with she was surprised. It was an invitation to a wedding.

- How about this? Who marries? - Mitsuki asked, puzzled, as she took in his hands the lovely invitation. She couldn’t help to draw a smile on her face, she liked these celebrations.
- You see Mitsuki ... god, I don’t know how to tell you this. - Toshiro clenched his fists and lowered his gaze. Whatever he had to say seemed that it was becoming very difficult
- Come on, drop it, weddings are always a great thing and I love this type of event, the wedding dresses are always so beautiful, the food is so good and when people get to dance in the middle of all is so funny. - She had the gift to fantasize with everything, she couldn’t help it.
- Mitsuki, I’m getting married. –he said.

The smile she had disappeared instantly. She felt as her heart had stopped. She tried considering the words she just had heard, just in case she had misunderstood, but no, she had heard perfectly. He was getting married. How was that he was getting married? More importantly, with whom he would marry if she had not been proposed. Endless sensations flooded her head, she was trying to organize the ideas, calm down and try to articulate some word.

- What the hell are saying? - Words left his mouth in a slight lisp, but he could hear it perfectly.
- Do you remember my ex girlfriend, Nanako, right? About a year ago she contacted me and told that she wanted to meet me to chat. Toshiro's voice volume was going down more and more - And one thing led to another, until we started to see each other more often. I thought that I did not feel anything for her anymore and that we were just friends ... but it wasn’t like that.
- You have been cheating on me for a year, secretly seeing her? "Mitsuki looked at the man in front and although she felt the overwhelming desire to hate him, to take him and hit a few well-placed punches, she could not hate him, she loved him too much.
- I am very sorry; really, it was not my intention to hurt you. I didn’t know how to tell you not to hurt you. I know that it won’t be easy to forgive me, I doubt that one day you will forgive me, but I cannot help what I feel about her, I love her.- he said without looking at the girl's eyes.

She was powerless to react, she cannot yell or hit, made Mitsuki wanted to mourn, but she endured it, not wanting to be seem more pathetic than it already was. The frustration that this caused to her made that she started laughing. When avoided mourn, Mitsuki laughed. It was a laugh that she could not control, she could not stop laughing once started.
In front of that reaction, Toshiro, stunned, stood up and stared as she was laughing at him, and said:

- Be happy Mitsuki. - He turned and left.

Without realizing it, she had reached the car and was already seated inside. She tried to clear his mind of that awful memory, looked straight ahead, took a deep breath and she prepared herself to drive as fast as possible without any destination, until she managed to calm down or who knows ... until her suffering was over.

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Mitsuki's Story

It wasn’t too late. It was barely 8 pm, but it was already all dark. The lights of all premises and streets were lit to illuminate another night of that cold December. Among the host of the crowded streets of the city only the silhouette of a woman stood out. A young girl who wandered around the streets immersed in her own thoughts, which were at that moment full of uncertainty and despair. He had taken off her heels and she took her purse and coat dragging on the frozen ground. She stumbled upon a man and fell down to the ground. At that time a vast number of feelings flooded her and she burst into tears. There, lying in the middle of a place that she didn’t know, she could not endure the anguish that she was feeling. People came to see what had happened to the poor girl, but she could not say a word. She was taken to a nearby police station and there the police took her home.
Once she was in his lonely apartment, even though it hasn’t been always like that, she opened the fridge took a pack of beer that she had, she sat in the chair which was in front of the window of his balcony and she plunged into a sea of alcohol. It was 5 am. She had already finished almost all the beers and she didn’t know even who she was. Talking to her little cat that was sitting on his lap, said:

-          Kisa, I am pathetic, right? - She stroked the kitten - who would say me that the person that I loved the most in this world would marry his ex girlfriend. I thought I had managed to make him forget about her and that he only could see only me - she sighed and staggered off the sofa until she fell to the ground.

She tried to get up but she was too drunk to keep his balance. She gave up and decided to lie on the warm parquet. At that moment, she closed his eyes and recalled a situation that once made her have that stupid smile on his face, but had now become a painful memory.
-          Toshiro! Toshiro! - Mitsuki ran toward the attractive young man standing at the seashore.
-          As outrageous as ever - the boy smiled as he grabbed the little girl in his arms – Do you know how long I waiting? Said Toshiro folding his arms and getting serious.
-          I'm so sorry! - she said bowing her head – Sorry, but you know how they are in college, always sending me work and, moreover, they have asked me to do a translation of an ancient writing in Latin and I lost the holy heaven and I forgot and... - the boy covered her mouth with his hand and smiled.
-          Honey, don’t worry, I was joking - he couldn’t help teasing his little girlfriend, she looked so adorable when she was nervous and tried to explain things - Besides I have a surprise ready for you.

Toshiro blindfolded to Mitsuki and led her to the shade of an umbrella, beside which he had set up a small picnic. He uncovered her eyes and she was shocked and started to scream with joy, she embraced him with all his might.

-          Happy Anniversary honey - smiled and kissed his forehead.

Mitsuki could not help but stare at that smile, that black hair, those big eyes full of tenderness. She was so in love with him that she still felt like a little girl with her first boyfriend whenever they hang out or he called her. She felt so stupid when she felt like that, but she was happy.
While eating, he approached her, took her hand and stared at him.
Mitsuki, you know I'm not very good with these things, but today I decided to tell you something -the poor boy blushed "We've been going out for 2 years and I want you to know I have been the best years I've had in a long time. You're amazing, you’re so good, so full of life, I cannot stop smiling or thinking about you at all times of the day.- He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, he spread it to the girl and said: It’s not a marriage proposal, because it is too early for me, but I wish you take it as a sign of my intention to stand by your side for a long, long time.

At that time Kisa woke up Mitsuki licking the girl. Without realizing he had begun to mourn again. She hated mourn. She did not like to show her tears, she considered it a symbol of his weakness. She wiped his face, got up, slightly recovered from its instability, and opened a can of food for her kitty. She looked at his watch; it was 7:00 AM and decided to take a shower.

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BEAST (비스트 or B2ST) is a South Korean Boy-band composed by 6 members working under CUBE Entertainment. At first the group was kwon as B2ST an acronym for Boys to Search for Top. However, few days before his debut, his name was changed to BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall)

Before his debut, they were already well-kwon.  Jang Hyun Seung was kwon for being a member of Big Bang (another South Korean Boy-band).  Son Dong Woon was a trainee in JYP Entertainment (one of the best record companies) for a long time. Yoon Doo Joon filmed Hot Blood Men, a documentary for selecting members of 2PM and 2AM (other South Korean Boy-bands), he was even offered a role in High Kick through the Roof of the MBC among others, and however, he preferred to focus on her musical career. Lee Gi Kwang, who was already kwon as a solo singer Ace Junior (AJ) acted as Se Ho in High Kick through the Roof. The rapper of the group, Yong Jun Hyung, was a member of Xing. Yang Yo Seob was a dancer of AJ. On the 2nd of October, his documentary, MTV B2ST was aired on MTV Chuseok Special to show their skills. Finally B2ST debuted on October 16, 2009 with the song Bad Girl.

-         Doo Joon (Yoon Doo Joon, 윤두준). He is the leader, vocalist and rapper. He was born on 04/07/1989 in South Korea. He likes soccer, listen music (R&B and Hip Hop) and play videogames. He was supposed to be one of the members of One way. He participated in the single of AJ (Wipe the tears) singing the rap parts. He is a model of the brand of jeans “Buckaroo”. He is a member of the varieties shows "Danbi" and "Sunday Sunday Night" Was chosen to be the rapper for NJ Gavy in the song "Sun Flower".

      Hyun Seung (Jang Hyun Seung, 장현승). He is also a vocalist. He was born on 03/09/1989 in South Korea. He likes bowling. At first, he was known as “SO-1”. Due to the excess of work that he had in his training, the company is worried about his health and gave instructions to the members to help him to gain more weight.


      Jun Hyung (Yong Jae Soon, 용재순). He was born on 19/12/1989 in South Korea. He is the principal rapper of the group. He likes writing songs, watch movies and dance. He also participated on the single of AJ (Wipe the tears) doing the rap parts. It was part of the program "Star Doshiraku Guide" along with his fellow Yo Seob and the MC Lee Hyukjae (H.O.T.). He was Hyuna’s rapper on her single debut “Change”. He was also the rapper for K.Will song “Present”. He appeared in a scene of the dorama High Kick through the Roof. He participated on the album “Hit Your Heart” of 4Minute, making the introduction of the songs and writing some of them also. JunHyung revealed in "Star Golden Bell" that among the fans he had obtained the nickname of "Nose-Picking Idol" because he had the habit of touching his nose.  

-          Yo Seob (Yang Yo Seob, 양여섭). He was born on 05/01/1990 in South Korea. He is the principal vocalist. He likes to write songs and he is good on Beat Box. He and AJ attended the same secondary school. He is considered to be one of the most respectable men of the world for one incident that happened among his fans and one idol women. He is the mascot of B2ST. (He is just so cute >.<).

-         Ki Kwang (Lee Ki Kwang, 이기광). He debuted as a solo singer under the name of AJ after 4 years of hard training but later he joined B2ST. He was born on 30/03/1990 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a vocalist. He likes watch movies and sports. He is a really good dancer. His favorite singers are Taeyang, Omarion, Usher. At first he was part of JYP as a apprentice but shortly before his debut he was transferred to CUBE Entertainment. Kikwang was selected to be a MC of "Sunday Sunday Night" in the segment of "Hot Brothers”. He appeared in the Music Video (MV) of K.Will song “Present”. Kikwang appears also in the CF of “Tio Iced Tea”. He is the image of B2ST because he has a really nice body and he is very handsome.  

-         Dong Woon (Son Dong Woon, 손동운). He was born on 06/06/1991 in South Korea. He is the maknae of the group (i.e. the youngest member) and h is also a vocalist. He is good playing the piano and in traditional Chinese. He likes reading and to write songs. The fans were jokingly saying that he doesn’t appear to be Korean but Thai. Apparently when he is close to Nichkhun (a member of 2PM) he gives that air of Thai

B2ST will hold its first solo concert since his debut; this concert will be held on 12th December 2010, and to cause more expectations of it, the boys were divided into pairs and sing three new songs in a duo for his fans. The duets will be: a hip hop song titled "Thanks To” sung by Yoseob & JunHyung; an R & B song, "Let It Snow” by Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang; and "When the Door Closes "sung by Doojoon and Dongwoon. And a song sung by the 6 that is the continuation of "Lights Go On Again".
B2ST is the only rookie group who has sold over 100,000 copies of records in 2010. This event brings the group to the top five of Hanteo Chart's "2010 Singer Award", just after Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and JYJ.
They have 5 mini albums:

Beast is the B2st (1st Mini Album - 2009)
-          Beast Is The B2ST
-          Bad Girl
-          Mystery
-          아직은
-          Oasis
Release Date: 14th October 2009 |14-10-2009|
Shock Of The New Era (2nd Mini Album - 2010)
  1. Just Before Shock
  2. Shock
  3. Special
  4. 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
  5. Easy
Release Date: 2nd Mars 2010 |02-03-2010|

Mastermind (3er Mini Album)
  1. Mastermind
  2. (Breath)
  3. V.I.U (Very Important U)
  4. Break Down
  5. 주먹을 쥐고(Clenching My Fist Tight )

Release Date: 28th September 2010

Lights Go On Again (4rt Mini Album)
  1. Lights Go On Again
  2. Beautiful
  3. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best)
  4. Lightless
  5. I’M Sorry
Release Date: 9th November 2010 

My Story (5 Mini Album)
  1. When The Door Closes (Doojoon & Dongwoon)
  2. Thanks To (Junhyung & Yoseob)
  3. Let It Snow (Hyunseung & Kikwang)
  4. Lights Go On Again.

They have done also some collaboration:
Change (Single)
  1. Change - Hyun Ah (4Minute) Ft. Jun Hyung (BEAST) 


Amerie, 4minute & BEAST - Heard ‘Em All (Single)
  1. Heard `Em All (Remix) (Feat. 4Minute & Beast)


Yo Seob (B2ST) + Ga Yoon (4Minute)
  1. What I want To Do If I Have A Lover. A remake of the song of G.NA on of the singers who also works under CUBE Entertainment. 

First Snow and First Kiss [MV/Single] Yoseob (Beast) & Drama (Dalmatian)
  1. 그리고 키스 (First Snow and First Kiss)
  2. 그리고 키스 (Instrumental version) 


  1. Udon (우동)
Sung by Son Dongwoon (Beast) & Kang Mi Young (Davichi). There is a MV of the song.


Hello (Album) - Navi
  1. 다시 돌아가 (Go Again) Ft. JunHyung

Track 1 of 12 for the new album of
나비 (Navi), JunHyung of Beast, works in one if the.

  They have made some song for several doramas:

Loving U
  1. Loving U
For the OST of “All My Love, where the leader Yoon Doo Joon participates.

Attack the Gas Station 2 OST
  1. Crazy
Track for the dorama “Attack the Gas Station 2” OST. 


My Princess OST
  1. 때문인걸 (Because Of You) - Beast

Track 02 of 07, for the OST of the dorama “
My Princess, where Kikwang appears.

They have some singles:

  1. Easy (Sincere Ver.)
Release Date: 30-04-2010 


Growing Pain
  1. Growing Pain
Song that they sung at "Campus Song Festival 2010".

To finish the have released some MVs of several of their songs:
- B2ST is the BEST.
- Bad Girl.
- Shock.
- Take care of my girlfriend (Say No).
- Breath (Soom).
- Lights go on again. (Short version).
- Beautiful (Long and short versions).